Funny New Year Sayings

Funny new year

Here is a collection of the funniest and hilarious New Year sayings which you can use to wish your family and friend for the new year. Starting the new year ...

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Happy New Year Sayings and Quotes

Happy new year

The ultimate list of Happy New Year sayings which we continuously update. You can use these new year sayings for your wish cards, wish message and even use them on ...

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Christian and Religious New Year Sayings

Happy new year 2013

Here is a short collection of Christian and religious New Year sayings for those who wish to send a pious wish for the New Year. Have your pick. If you ...

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Sarcastic and Witty New Year Sayings

After 21 December 2012

Here is a collection of the most sarcastic new year sayings for those who want to deal with the festive seasons in a “slightly different” way. Feel like you can”t ...

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Inspirational New Year Sayings

Inspirational New Year

Need inspiration to better kick off this new year? Here is the concise list of the most inspirational New Year sayings and quotes which you can use during this festive season. Have ...

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New Year Resolution Sayings and Quotes

New Year Resolutions

This collection New Year resolution sayings will undoubtedly motivate and help you to find and maintain your new year resolutions. Why not use them for wishing you loved ones too? ...

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Ultimate List of Lovers New Year Sayings

New year for lovers

The sweetest lovers New Year sayings dedicated to all the beautiful lovers out there. You can use these love related new year sayings to wish Happy New Year to your ...

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